Singing in the Rain

The boys' current favorite movie is Singing In the Rain. It's nice because unlike with superhero movies/cartoons, I don't have to worry about the influence of violent scenes. There have been, however, other influences...

Mini Man now hugs almost every light post he sees.

 As soon as they notice it's raining, even when it's a chilly out, like today, they insist on going outside to "dance".

 I was eventually able to wrangle them into coats.

They most likely would have stayed out all morning if allowed. I, however, got cold and bribed them to come inside with promises of  "Singing in the Rain" and  "Make Them Laugh" scenes on the i-pad.

I also have not escaped this movie's influence - a couple weeks ago Jeremy discovered me reading like this? 

The random things a mom will do for a few minutes of peace. :) 

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