Great People, Great Times

Yesterday I got my hair cut and while talking about our summer plans, my stylist asked about my ideal vacation spot. In my mind I ran through all the places I'd love to go again (Paris, Colorado, Italy), but ultimately it came down to the people. My favorite thing about vacations is the uninterrupted time I get to spend with the people I love - with them by my side, the location doesn't matter a whole lot, we are going to have fun! Over the last two weeks we've been blessed to take two little vacations, one with family and one with friends. We didn't go anywhere exotic - though both places where beautiful and super cozy. And unless I could of brought them all with me, I wouldn't have traded either one...even for Sienna, Italy. 

I wasn't very good at taking pictures on either of our vacations but here are a few of my favorites from our family get together... 

the lindsey bunch 

big buddy currently thinks most girls are fun 

the fish pond was a big hit was fishing with aunt tonya at the lake
mini man's 1st fish
the one thing that can make a family vacation better...
having a dear friend (miss terri) stop by for  a visit

And a few from our vacation with friends. 

the crew
i love sitting in a room full of other readers
hoping these two ladies grow up to be great friends
loved the mornings i got to spend exploring with these ladies - it
was super sweet of our husbands to take the kiddos
we spent a day in Galena, where she insisted on
walking up this hill all-by-herself
beach day was also a hit
friends working together

daddies' with their  babies melt my heart

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