Cornstarch and Water Play

Earlier this week the boys asked to make cornstarch goo. This is a classic science experiment: when combined, cornstarch and water create a non-newtonian fluid - having properties of both a liquid and a solid - but we make it simply because it's fun and messy. 

supplies: tins, cornstarch, water, liquid water colors (or food coloring)

mixing their colors

pouring in the water. we use approximatly 1 part
water to two parts cornstarch - i let the boys play
 with the consistency and if too much water is added the
excess drains off pretty easy.

mixing it up

i love how mini-man is always checking to see how
big buddy does things

little strainers are perfect for cornstarch goo

i left the room for a minute and they got out the play-dough toys
and straws?! the straws actually turned out to be a pretty cool tool. 

messy but worth it

This kept us busy for almost an hour. It tends to get messy but it cleans up really fast. I've always dumped it out after one use, but this last time I left it in the tins. It dried out but once we added water, it was as good as new.


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  2. A great book to go along with this is Dr. Seuss's "Bartholomew and the Oobleck." A favorite from my childhood.


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