Little Lady

This girl...

  • looks like her daddy but seems to to have her mommy's personality 
  • carries her blanket everywhere
  • still sucks her thumb
  • lights up when her daddy comes home 
  • is talking up a storm; new words everyday, but "maaama" is still her favorite
  • has no problem keeping up with the boys, but still finds time for more feminine pursuits: purses, mommy's makeup & jewelry, babies, shoes, etc. 
  • already has her own sense of style; she frequently insists on wearing specfic clothing items and shoes
  • hates having her hair done 
  • loves the water
  • is not afraid to get dirty
  • loves doggies
  • is slow to smile but when she does the whole world seems brighter
  • shows a scary amount of determination and will power - she already insists on doing things
  • likes to color - not always on paper
  • already likes to take care of people, especially her babies and her brothers 

... is growing far too fast. 


  1. Oh my gosh, I love how she carries her purse! She's so darn cute! My daughter sucked her thumb until she was 5 and started kindergarten. Then one day she decided not to anymore so you might have a few years ahead of you!

  2. She is soooooo adorable! Time flies by way too fast!


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