Small Graces

A weekly reflection inspired in part by Bob Bennett's song "Small Graces".

"sometimes they slip by without notice
sometimes they are very hard to see
other times it's very clear when they are happening to me" 

kiddie pools

post bed time treats c/o husbandie

root beer floats on maca's patio

this girl - her ponytail, her thumb, her blanket,
her sleepy eyes - she's perfect :) 

the mysteries of cornstarch and water

line dried sheets and yard full of neighborhood kids

homemade play-dough

a wine tasting party

kitschy garage sale mugs and a little lady who
wants to do everything her mama does

"these are the small graces, the little moments when the miracles come...
they are a reminder to the heart there is more to life than meets the eye...
He is in the small graces....
small graces pointing me to the larger one...
little glimpses of the kingdom come..."

Life in an Instant

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  1. Little Lady is too cute! I love the picture of her and her blankey. Her polka dot dress is adorable!


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