Our Cape Charles Adventure

A couple week ago we traveled to Cape Charles, Virginia with Husbandie's family for a week long beach vacation - it was all kinds of wonderful. If you have a young family I can't recommend Cape Charles enough. The rentals were very affordable compared to other places we looked and it's full of small town charm - a local neighbor brought us over his day's catch of crab. The beach never felt crowded but there were enough other families around that the boys were able to make friends. The tide is also very low here so the we felt comfortable letting the boys explore a little bit. We of course took a ton of pictures, here are a "few" of my favorites. 

it was a 17hr trip each way, the kids were
amazing travelers
this girl has no fear of water and loved the boogie
searching for fish and crabs
the lindsey's don't get together without a taking a group photo :)
having grandparents no vacation is awesome - they play while you
he enjoyed acting out the olympics
salty kisses
a gift from our neighbor
the boys enjoyed both eating and playing with the crabs
a surprise birthday morning - my birthday is not till the end of August
so i was quite shocked 
ice cream! 
the red blanket came to the beach most days
favorite moments - sunset walks with husbandie
maca and papa enjoyed bike riding dates
i wish more playgrounds were like this - my boys had so much fun
these two went on a boat ride to find dolphins
more ice cream
aloe vera is an essential part of a beach vacation

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  1. What a fun trip!! Your kids are seriously so adorable! I love how your little girl has no fear, and those ice cream cone pictures are priceless!


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