The Bittersweetness of Five.

Big Buddy - I can't believe you turned 5 this week!  It's all happened way too fast - five years cannot possible have gone by already. It feels like you should still be a baby. Almost everyday, though, you amaze me with how grown-up you are. You are extremely observant and a quick learner. This past year you've picked up so many new skills: you can ride a two wheeler, do cart wheels, write your name, make your bed, read a little bit, and so much more. Words could never express how proud I am of you, or how much joy you bring your dad and I. They also cannot express the lump left in my stomach from writing that list. I've loved watching you at every stage and I'm excited for all the new things year five is going to bring - I just wish I knew how to make it go by a little slower. 

I'm incredibly thankful for pictures; they take me back to some favorite moments. Here are a few several from the last year. 

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  1. Love the pictures! Happy birthday Big Buddy! You look like an incredible big brother.


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