Small Graces

A weekly reflection inspired in part by Bob Bennett's song "Small Graces".

"these are the small graces, the little moments when the miracles come...
they are a reminder to the heart there is more to life than meets the eye...
He is in the small graces....
small graces pointing me to the larger one...
little glimpses of the kingdom come..."

grandparents who live just a few minutes away and are always
up for last minute visits. 

a sweet sibling moment

sleepy mornings filled with cuddles and books

stumbling upon (thanks to maca) free balusters to replace our rotting
ones. and the two strong men who got them put up in less than a day

mini man also worked very hard

a busy tongue during school time 

finding the toilet paper roll replaced - it's a step in
the right direction

surfing apartment therapy's website and seeing that they shared our
ocean party. later in the week they also included our snap-painting in a
 post. i love their website so i was pretty excited both times

also on the web, my sister-in-law made her business official! 
it's such a joy to see her using her amazing talents to bless others

annual consignment sale treasures. the evening also included some
pretty good thai food and great company

This past week has been a busy one. I subbed a lot and on top that have started babysitting two days a week. Several times in the last couple days I have felt overwhelmed. It frequently seems like there is tons to do and not enough time. I am trying to make it a point to be still for bit each day. When I do, I'm always amazed at the rest and peace the Lord provides. I spent one of my lunch breaks hanging out at a nearby park and was suddenly blown away by the beauty around me: singing birds, the sweet smell of freshly mowed grass, the splendor of the trees...all small graces. It was impossible not to feel refreshed.

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