DIY Straw Drop

Keeping Little Lady busy during our school time has proven to be a bit difficult. She wants to do "cool rk" too, so I have tried to come up with a couple little games for her to play. The most successful by far has been the straw drop. 

It's a pretty simple concept, the colored straws are dropped through the matching colored holes. 

It's also pretty simple to put together... 

Supplies: empty oatmeal container, black spray paint, paper, pencil, scissors, paint chips, x-acto knife straws, tape, & stickers 

Step 1: spray paint outside of oatmeal container
Step 2: draw lid size circle on paper (ours was the same size as a cd)
Step 3: fold and cut circle into four parts
Step 4: trace parts of circle on to paint chips, cut out, tape to lid
Step 5: use x-acto knife to cut straw size circles from lid (a hole punch could also work) 
Step 6: add stickers 

Frankly, I have been quite shocked by how huge of a hit this game has been. She wants to play with it almost everyday and it keeps her busy for a good fifteen minutes each time; she'll put all the straws in, dump it, and start over multiple times in a row. The only problem I've had with the game is Mini Man wanting to play with it too - Little Lady prefers to do it all by herself. 

If you are looking for an quick, expensive, homemade toy/gift for a toddler this is a great option. 

Please check out our homeschool page for more fun learning games and crafts. 


  1. My youngest (23 months) will love this. I have her stuffing pompoms of various sizes and colours through a hole using a similar setup - great for the fine motor skills! This would work those little fingers and engage her reasoning skills as well. Big Sis (38 months) would no doubt find it engaging as well!

  2. Another way to do this would be to use pipe cleaners... I have those on hand - no coloured straws!

  3. One of the hardest things about homeschooling is the question of keeping the little ones busy and happy. I'm really making a concerted effort to spend more time with my littles, but the older ones need me as well! I'm going try this idea out. She's only 18 months so I'm not sure she could colour match yet, but I think she'd enjoy pushing the straws through. Thank you!

  4. Awe, what a cool idea! ;) I'm coming from the blog hop, btw.

    Hope you're having a great week!


  5. What a great idea. Your baby seems to be enjoying it, too. This would be a great post to add to "Look! What We Did!" I hope you'll consider hopping over and checking this site out. -Savannah

  6. This is awesome!! My daughter is constantly pulling the straws out of the drawer and playing with them so I imagine she would be in love with this activity! Thanks so much for sharing!! :)


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