Kentucky Horse Park

This past weekend the kids and I left husbandie at home and embarked a little adventure to Kentucky  where we watched Aunt Emily compete in a horse show. Maca joined us for the trip and we made a stop in Indianapolis to pick up Aunt Heather and Baby Wren. The Kentucky Horse Park was beautiful and it was such a special treat to see Aunt Emily doing what she loves.  Here are few pictures of our adventure. 

*photo credit: maca

aunt em's dog lily is probably the most well behaved dog ever. 

aunt heather and baby wren

if there is dirt my boys are happy

"this plant is thirsty so i'm gonna water him"

taking care of zaida

a celebrity sighting

these two are going to be best buds - little lady has been singing
"baby wren, baby wren, babbbbyyy wreeeeennn" nonstop since we
returned home. 

aunt em showing in the rolex stadium - so proud of her!
*photo credit: aunt heather

I was a little nervous about how the kids would handle the trip but they amazed me and did a wonderful job. They are quickly becoming pros at road trips, but hiccups are still unavoidable

unplanned and urgent pit stops
*photo credit: aunt heather

sharing a bed with the boys also may not have been the best idea

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  1. Haha! At first I thought you were the pillow under big buddy! Where did you end up sleeping? ;)

    Please forgive me if that is really Mini Man. They look so much alike!


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