Christmas Tree Traditions

Husbandie and I are both fans of traditions, especially Christmas traditions. We have several, but the one that kicks off our Christmas season is cutting down our tree at a local farm. We have done this shortly after Thanksgiving every year we've been married. Our first Christmas tree cutting experience went perfectly. There was a light dusting of snow on the ground but the air was far from frigid. We found the perfect tree and remembered all the necessary supplies. 

Unfortunately, since that day we haven't been as lucky. It seems like every other year something has gone wrong. We've forgotten to bring cash, kid gloves, measuring tape, ropes, etc. We've mistakingly cut down the most expensive tree in the lot - $85! Our potty training two-year-old had an accident and I forgot to bring spare clothes. 

I was determined to not make the same mistakes this year and I thought we had everything together. My purse was overflowing with extra hats and mittens and we had even packed mugs of hot chocolate. Then two miles from the farm Husbandie asks if I had grabbed the boy's coats.....ummm, no! I had the bright idea to wait on coats because they are bulky and I wanted the kids to be comfortable during the drive. We ended up turning around to get them and I was screaming inside most of the way: "Little Lady is going to get tired and cranky! We are never going to get a tree cut down by 11 now - we'll miss the $25 special! How could I have been so stupid forgetful!" I also prayed a bit too: "Lord, help me to be patient and flexible. We can still have fun today, take away these feelings of anxiety and failure, help me replace them with contentment and thankfulness." The Lord is amazing! Even though the trip took over twice long as it should have the kids where peaceful and never whined. Little Lady didn't get cold and fussy until a few minutes before we got back in to the car. We somehow managed to find and cut down our tree before 11 so it only cost us $25. 

I'm quickly learning the saying "if mommy ain't happy, nobody's happy" is very true. I set the tone for my household, and if I can move past the inconveniences and enjoy traditions - even with their imperfections - so will the rest of my family. 

little lady with her papa 

picking out our annual ornament

tree decorating snacks 

finished tree!

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