Kid Style Summary

If you've followed this blog for any amount of time you've probably noticed that I like to have a little fun with my clothes. I strongly believe that just because you don't have a ton of money to spend on clothing doesn't mean you can't have fun with your style. 

This belief has carried over to how I dress my kids. Our clothing budget for them is very small and thus their clothes are almost all hand-me-downs or thrift finds. This doesn't make getting them dressed any less fun though, and sometimes I think we come up with the some pretty great looks. Since I enjoy it so much I thought it would be fun to start documenting their outfits. These posts probably won't be helpful when it comes to shopping (most of the pieces they wear are no longer in stores) but maybe they'll encourage you to have a little fun dressing your own kiddos. If nothing else, I know I'll enjoy looking back through them in the future. 

little lady cardigan: target clearance, shirt+tight+shoes: hand-me-downs,
shorts: old navy clearance, clip: charming charlie clearance

big buddy cardigan: target clearance, pants: old navy, shoes: gift

mini man cardigan + pants: thrift, t-shirt + shoes: gifts

big buddy vest + shirt + pants: thrift, shoes: gift

little lady shirt: target clearance, dress + leggings + socks + shoes: hand-me-downs
A little note about Mini Man's hair: he spiked it himself - he does so almost every morning.

Mini Man shirt: thrift, pants + shoes: gifts


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