Trick or Treat

In years past we've done some pretty time consuming elaborate costumes but this year we decided to keep things pretty simple.We didn't buy or make anything. Mini man was spider-man: he wore his spiderman pajamas and some fun goggles he received for his birthday. Big Buddy was going to wear some glow-in-the-dark skeleton pajamas but when the weather turned colder we convinced him (bribed him with sword carrying) to wear a knight costume from our dress-up basket. Little Lady's costume was my favorite: it's a hand-me-down her Aunt Emily wore a little over 20 years ago. 

Little Lady was such a hoot to watch. She quickly caught on and would march up to every house, help knock, and quietly say "trick or treat". As soon as she made her way back down sidewalk though she'd insist on being put back in to the wagon. The whole time she held on to her treat bag for dear life and would squeal if anyone tried to take if from her. Her costume got her lots of attention and she seemed to enjoy it, leaving it all on until we got back to Maca's house. You'd think all the fun and candy would have had her grinning from ear to ear but I don't think I saw her smile once. I'd love to know what goes on inside that pretty little head of hers!

The boys enjoyed collecting all the candy but I think they enjoyed checking out the other children's costumes and weapons even more.

When we got back to Maca's house we let them look through their loot and choose two treats - it's crazy how much they can collect in just a few hours! Little Lady was delighted to find that somebody put a "baby" (purple care-bear) in her bag. 

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! I remember those little clown costumes...I am green with envy that you still have one! SOOO CUTE!!!!! She didn't smile because, don't you know?! Candy collection is SERIOUS business! :) Your kids are adorable.


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