Math and Craft Christmas Trees

Last week the kids and I put our math and crafting skills to work and made Christmas trees out of ribbon. 

Our Supplies:  foam board (construction paper would work just as well), green glitter paint, foam brushes, various green craft ribbon, rulers, scissors, glue, & brown markers

Step 1: paint foam board with green glitter paint and let dry completely. 

Step 2: use ruler to measure width of foam board

Step 3: subtract 1" from foam board width and cut one piece of ribbon to that length. For example, our foam board was 10" so our 1st piece of ribbon was 9".

Step 4: glue ribbon strip a couple inches from bottom of foam board. 

Step 5: measure and cut the next strip of ribbon 1" smaller and glue it on top of the1st. Continue this step until you get to a 1" strip of ribbon. 

one of our ribbons had silver balls so all the kids
added 1 ball after their 1" strip - they thought it made
a good star

Step 6: draw on the trunk 

our trees

This craft was a lot of fun and helped us practice a ton of skills: cutting, measuring, counting backwards, fine motor, gluing, etc.  

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