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Only two outfits this week. With the holidays and then almost everyone in our house getting sick (Little Lady is the lone survivor) there just haven't been many reasons for leaving the comfort of pajamas.

MONDAY scarf: diy, sweatshirt: old navy, jeans: gap, shoes: thrift

Miraculously, on Thursday afternoon everyone in our house had reprieve from illness so Jeremy and I escaped for an extended date. We spent a couple hours in Starbucks doing a little 2013 family organizing/planning. Then we went to dinner at Red Lobster - we had a gift card - and the movie Les Miserable - it was extraordinary!

This dress is a recent purchase from Anthropologie. I normally wouldn't indulge in hot pink lace but it fits perfectly, was on sale, and I had gift card. I plan on wearing it to a couple weddings we will be attending this summer, but in the mean time, it's fun to wear with casual winter layers. 

THURSDAY  sweater + shoes + belt: thrift, dress: anthropologie
bracelet + tights + socks: target

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  1. Oooo, I LOVE both of these outfits. Lovely jeans, they fit you really nicely and love the red of your dress..

    Can't wait to see Les Mis. It's not out in the UK yet!

    Visiting via watch what I'm wearing :) x

  2. I found you on the link up and I really love the layering with the dress. Sweaters over dresses has been one of my go to items this winter.


  3. Adorable outfits, I could see myself wearing both of them. Your scarf looks so cozy and that sequined sweater is gorgeous!


  4. That scarf is beautiful!
    I love the striped top with the colored skirt! Might try that out myself.

  5. I love that pink lace dress! It really works well for winter with all those cozy layers!

  6. Absolutely love the scarf. The color suits you so well!

  7. Love the scarf and Thursdays look is so great! Love the lac and stripe combo!

  8. Seriously loving that pink skirt with the blue and white striped shirt, so cute!


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