Small Graces

A weekly reflection inspired in part by Bob Bennett's song "Small Graces".

it's comforting to know my friendly neighborhood
spiderman is always close by

those dimples...they melt my heart every time

pretty new dishes

this girl is so much fun to dress

the comfort of favorite blankets, books, and swords

the beginning of a new story and cute little toes


sick cuddles

book worms

fortress designers

These past two weeks our family has been battling the flu - luckily I think we've finally scared it off. I always find times of illness bittersweet. The fever, body aches, and extra whininess sucks, but there is also a sweet calmness and peace that comes over our house. We spent most of our time in our pajamas curled up on the couch with blankets and piles of books. The kids took turns falling in and out of sleep in my arms the way they did as babies. I'm thankful that we are all better but I also know I'll treasure this memory. Feeling my kids relax in my arms and knowing that I bring them even more comfort that a dose a Tylenol is an amazing gift. An odd one to think about but amazing none the less.

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