An Interview with Little Lady

Probably the most common thing we have heard, being parents of young children, is something along the lines of "treasure these moments they go by too fast". There is a reason it's said so often - it's true. It seems like just yesterday Big Buddy was born but somehow he's already taller than my waist, reading, and riding a two wheeler.

Frequently, in the evenings after the children have gone to bed, I find myself telling Jeremy that I wish I could push pause, to somehow stop time and keep our kids right where they are for just a little bit longer. Unfortunately, kids don't come with pause buttons. So instead we've decided to make an effort to capture our kids on video; to create a record of who they are at these precious stages. I wish we would have started sooner. Big Buddy used to be obsessed with vehicles and had the cutest way of saying "motorcycle". It made us laugh every time. It was something we were sure we would never forget. But now four years, and two additional kids, later neither Jeremy or I can recall exactly how he said it.

Today's video is of Little Lady and was taken a couple weeks ago. It's interview style and we hope to do similar videos with the boys soon. I also hope to capture a few "unplanned" videos.  I really want to get a recording of the way she says "I do it MYself!" & "i want to hold you mommy?".


  1. That was really sweet. Thanks for posting.

  2. I just loved that! I started out great with videos for my oldest but then it dwindled down over the years and I only have one video of my youngest. I better get on the ball again!! Thanks for sharing such a sweet idea!


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