Celebrating Dr. Seuss

Even though we are HUGE Dr. Seuss fans at our house - seriously, the kids ask to read one of his books almost everyday and "I Can Do That" is currently our family's favorite game - we don't have a ton of "Seussian" activities planned for March.  Even so, we couldn't skip having a little celebration. Our local library made this easy by hosting a Dr. Seuss Extravaganza last weekend. The local Children's Theatre perform a few scenes from their upcoming musical Seussical Jr... 

...we then enjoyed a few games and crafts. The make-a-Lorax craft was perfect since we had already planned on the new film being the feature of our family movie night that evening. 

Once we got home from the library we set to work making a few Dr. Seuss themed movie treats.  #1: Cat In The Hat marshmallow pops. 

our supplies: paper plates, candy sticks, red sprinkles, small dish of water, large marshmallows 

step #1: dip 1/2 of marshmallow in water

step #2: dip wet side of marshmallow in sprinkles

step 3: arrange marshmallows on stick in a "cat in the hat" pattern

We got this idea from a birthday party we attended a while back. They used the hats as cupcake toppers. Their hats also looked a lot neater and more realistic than ours. The kids had a ton of fun though, which was the main goal. 

#2: Cotton Candy Truffula Trees (this was a last minute idea/excuse for me to buy cotton candy).

our supplies: fondant (we had some leftover in the fridge so we used it to hold the trees), thin breadsticks,
& cotton candy

I love any excuse to spend a day "celebrating" with this kiddos - they bring me so much joy. 

We've done a Dr. Seuss homeschool unit in the past. If interested you can check out those activities hereherehere, and here.


  1. This looks like so much fun!!! I am so glad you found my blog so I could find yours!
    Your newest follower :)


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