Kid Style Summary

A look at what my cute kiddos have been wearing lately. 

Big Buddy: 

TO CHURCH sweater: target, shirt: gift/old navy, jeans: gap,
batman converse: gift

TO THE ZOO cardigan & shirt: gift/target, jeans: gap, shoes: gift

Arm up, fist clenched, his favorite way to pose. 

EASTER shirt + pants: thrift, tie: gift, batman converse: gift

Mini Man: 

TO CHURCH cardigan: crazy 8, shirt + pants + shoes: hand-me-downs

TO THE ZOO cardigan: vintage/thrift, shirt: gift/target,
jeans + shoes: hand-me-downs

EASTER jacket + shirt + pants: hand-me-downs bow-tie: gift
superman converse: gift

TO CHURCH jacket + skirt + leggings: gift/target, hat: target,
boots: gift

Those lips...I could burst.

TO THE ZOO shirt + boots: hand-me-downs, skirt + tights: target

I see her getting a lot of use out her brothers hand-me-down dress shirts.

EASTER  hat: target, shirt: gift/zara, dress: gift/target, tights: old navy
shoes: hand-me-down

I found the hat at Target the day before Easter. It was on clearance - for less than $5 - I couldn't resist! Lucky for me she loves wearing it; she calls it her princess hat. Again, I could burst!

Looking for more cute kids styles? Stop by and check the link at What Kids Wore Wednesday.

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  1. Aww such little cuties!! Her sweet little Easter hat is too adorable! :)



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