Small Graces

This is a weekly series inspired in part by Bob Bennet's song Small Graces.

mini man is always asking to water grass and plants, "because they are really
thirsty". i'd like to think i'm improving but i'm pretty sure he's the real
reason we've been able to keep house plants alive this last year. 

big buddy picked me a flower

then brought me a  whole vase full
*if it's not above 80 i can usually be found under a blanket

little lady preferred to water lizzie- she is such a good dog! 

this girl with her blanket, her thumb, and her daddy's eyes - my heart may burst!

2nd date of the week!
*coffee and magazines at barnes and noble

we finally filled in the cistern in our backyard. before we finished we let
each of the kids climb in for a picture. despite their curiosity they had
all done a wonderful job of staying away from it. 

he is growing into such an amazing person
BUT is it happening way too fast

waffle cinnamon rolls. thank-you pinterest!

It doesn't feel right to offer a glimpse at some of the happy moments of our week without also  mentioning the horrific events that have been all over the news. The tragedies in Boston, Texas, and China that have devastated so many has left my heart aching with sorrow. I don't really have any words to offer other than I'm deeply sorry and that the residents of those places are in my thoughts and prayers. It's hard to know how to offer any type of concrete support. I know there are a lot of fundraisers going around the web but to keep things simple (and to know with certainty that our funds will be used with integrity) we've chose to make a donation to the Red Cross.  You can donate quickly and easily online - small amounts can add up to great ones. 

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