Stromscape Collages

One of my children's favorite art activities is to make collages. About once a week I pull out the scraps box and they glue whatever/however they want down on a piece of scrap cardboard. It's an open ended activity and it's fun to see their creativity go in different directions. Last week however, an activity from the book Arty Facts Weather and & Art Activities inspired us to make a more specific design: strormscapes. 

i think they did a pretty a great job. 

Our Supplies*: various paints (acrylic grey & silver, glitter glue, and grey & black puffy fabric paint), white glue, foam brush, scissors, foam board, aluminum foil, silver tissue paper, gold pipe cleaners, cotton balls, and tape.

*our supplies are a bit different from the ones listed in the book because we improvised and made do with the items we had on hand. 

Step 1: form storm clouds by gluing cotton balls, foil, and tissue paper to the top of your board. Be sure to cut, crumble, and manipulate supplies to make them look more cloud like. 

Step 2: paint remaining portion of board grey/silver. If desired also paint tops of cotton balls. 

Step 3/optional: add glitter. The book said to sprinkle loose glitter over the paint but because we did not have any we squeezed glitter glue over our designs instead and then used a foam brush to spread it around.

Step 4: cut pipe cleaners so they will fit on to your boards. Then bend pipe cleaners into lighting bolt shapes and glue down*. 

*glueing the pipe cleaners down was very difficult and we ended up needing to use tape to secure a few. even though the book called for pipe cleaners if we do this activity again we will use puffy paint to make our lighting bolts. 

Step 5/optional: use puffy paint to draw trees.

only mini man and v choose to do this final step. i used a piece of scratch
paper to show them how to draw a simple tree with the puffy paint - i was
very impressed/surprised by how well their trees turned out. 

a closer look at our stormscapes. 

This craft was done in conjunction with our weather unit. You may also be interested in reading about our cumulonimbus cloud craft. 

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  1. such a fun activity and children can learn about weather system and climate too! :-)
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  2. How cute! Love this project! ;)
    xo TJ

  3. These are too cute! I've never done collages with my pre-schooler, but I bet he'd love it!


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