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I have two self-imposed rules for outfit pictures. One, that they don't exasperate my children. Two, that they don't make us late.  Because of these rules my location is usually confined to around my house and I limit the allotted time to under five minutes. On the morning we took these pictures this was the only area with shade and to my right was a car full of neighbors waiting to leave for church. Most of our neighbors have seen me taking outfit pictures and a few of the less inhibited (mostly children) have asked about it, but it's still quite awkward to have a car full watching from just a few feet away. 

SUNDAY shirt: old navy, skirt + belt + shoes: thrift

I adore these pants and was very excited about wearing them a ton this spring. Unfortunately, I noticed a small tear in the rear section - I think it was caused by a few to many child-lifting-squats. I'm hoping it can be repaired but the material is so delicate that I'm afraid they may be a loss. Ahh...the hardships that come with being a mom. Lucky for them, the little munchkins are very cute. 

TUESDAY cardigan + shirt + necklace: target, pants: francesca's, shoes: dsw

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  1. I know how you feel about taking pictures awkwardly. I usually try to pick a place that is totally remote and hidden from the public eye!

    And I LOVE your oxfords by the way!


    1. Isn't taking outfit picture just weirdest? I obviously love enjoy it but it's rather hard to explain to others. The oxfords were such a happy find - I wear them all the time. Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

  2. I love your pattern mixing in that first outfit and those pants are awesome!

  3. Its HARD to take photos of your outfit! I do it at work and I usually have only one or two shots! No long photo sessions or multiple shots for me! I think you did great! and you are so cute! I like to see the sidewalk in your neighborhood! good spot!!

  4. you are such a great mom - i can just tell. and a great dresser. i love that these looks hit totally different notes, but have the same spirit - that's you! thanks for sharing via dress for the day!

  5. The clothes I've ruined as a mama...They're worth it! :) LOVE that first look!


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