Weekly Outfit Summary

Except for the bracelets, I've had every piece of this outfit for over five years. A couple things are almost a decade old! When I'm smitten with a piece it's really hard for me to get rid of it or to "upgrade". Theses heels are from Target and there have been a couple times where I thought I should probably invest in a better pair. However, I have yet to find a style I like more...and these are super comfortable...and we've shared so many happy times.  

SUNDAY old and older :) 

Sometimes I'm shocked by the pieces that make it to Anthropologie's clearance room. I found this top a couple weeks back for only $20! It's very light weight so it's been a great spring transition piece. 

TUESDAY top: anthropologie, jeans: gap, shoes: dsw, bracelet: target

Jeremy made me these charms for Mother's Day last year - I know a snagged a really good one! I've been meaning to pick up some supplies so I can put them on an actual necklace, but I still haven't got around to it - luckily, I like ribbons. 

SATURDAY top: gap, skirt: hand-me-down (anthropologie), necklace & belt: gifts,
shoes: target

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  1. That peach skirt and striped shirt are perfection.

  2. I also tend to get attache to my clothes--I've definitely got pieces in my wardrobe I've been wearing for five years or more and I have no intention of getting rid of them!

  3. Each look is fantastic. The peach skirt is gorgeous! I love how you tie everything together and use things from the past. :)

  4. That peach skirt is so pretty and feminine!

  5. Love the purple jeans and the peach skirt with the striped top is such a great combo!

  6. Oh my I LOVE Tuesday's look! The top is gorgeous, can't believe you got it for $20! And any outfit with oxfords, I'm totally sold =)


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