Weekly Outfit Summary

SUNDAY dress: eshakti, scarf + tights: target, shoes: dsw

Unfortunately, Spring's sun and warmth are taking their time arriving this year so the week still called for sleeves and tights. 

TUESDAY sweater: anthropologie, dress: gift/francesca's, boots: target

FRIDAY cardigan: gap, t-shirt: vs, belt: thrift, skirt: hand-me-down/vintage,
shoes: dsw, necklace: francesca's 

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  1. All are cute outfits .....you look lovely!

    blue hue wonderland

  2. New follower! Such cute outfits!
    Love that top green dress!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. I really like all of those outfits.

    The skirt pattern with the bicycles is adorable. That orange skirt is a real stand-out though. I think it's the colour and the way you've styled it.


  4. Gorgeous cut, good fit, sturdy leather. I am always love leather jackets, there are so many cool jackets on cwmalls.com, I love them and am eager to get one for myself.


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