Celebrating May Day

I've been pretty excited to make and hand out "May baskets" with the kids, so I was a bit shocked when a couple people today (including Jeremy) told me that they had never heard of May baskets. I was starting to think that maybe it was just some random, small town Iowa tradition, but Wikipedia confirms that May Day is in fact a "real" holiday. 

A kind elderly woman we ran into at the grocery store also told us she remembered making May baskets but didn't think anyone did anymore. She was kind because she smiled, talked to the kids, & told me I was doing a good job. I'm aware that my brood can make getting through doorways and aisles more difficult for other patrons and I don't blame them when they display their annoyance - I'm kid-free and in a hurry sometimes too. But when someone takes the time to respond to Mini Man's enthusiastic greetings and listen to Big Buddy's latest exciting factoid, it makes my day and gives me all kinds of gushy, this-world-is-the-greatest, feelings. 

The kids and I had a lot of fun putting together the May "baskets" or, to be more accurate, "flower pots". We started by using liquid water colors and eye droppers to tie-die coffee filters. 

our masterpieces drying 
Then, while the coffee filters were drying, we filled some cups up with "dirt" (cocoa flavored cereal) and (gummy) worms. I made this step into a bit of a recipe for the kids -1/2 cup cereal, 2 worms, 1/2 cup cereal, 1 worm. Little Lady thought it was one of the funniest projects ever. So much so that she had to spend a little time in her room because she refused to let anyone else have a turn.

"I got a BIG worm, mommy" 

After the coffee filters were dry, V and I folded them, cut the ends a bit, and then stapled them to pipe cleaners. Then we slipped our flowers into the dirt cups. 

before we delivered them i wrapped them in saran wrap to prevent spilling
and any unwanted bugs
Then we set out to deliver our goodies. 

It took awhile because the boys had to climb up and pose on every "mountain" they saw. 

Little Lady also insisted on taking a few breaks

But in the end we were able to complete all of our deliveries. 

Do you celebrate May Day? Did you as a child? Or are you, like Jeremy, pretty sure you've never heard of this tradition? 

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  1. We didn't, usually, because we lived in the middle of nowhere. But, I do remember once joining a family who lived in town to go pass out baskets. It was fun to ring the doorbell and then run away for them to open the door and just find a surprise at their doorstep.


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