Foil Handprint Tiles

For the grandmas' gifts on mothers day we went the traditional route - a handprint craft.  

These were inspired by this "tin ceiling tile craft" I did with my VBS kids last summer. 

Our Supplies: cardboard (trimmed to size/shape preference), pencil, tacky glue, heavy duty aluminum foil, shoe polish, tissues, packing tape, scissors, and ribbon. 

Step #1: use pencil to trace hand onto cardboard

Step #2: cover hand prints with tacky glue.

i also had the children add their initials. the boys also added claws - i almost
said 'no' but figured their grandmas would get a kick out of it. 

Step #3:  once the glue has completely dried, cover cardboard with foil and use eraser end of pencil to press foil around glue lines.

Step #4: smear shoe polish on top of foil. use a tissue to remove any excess polish. 

i found this shoe polish (in a pack of 3) at dollar tree

Step #5: if you wish to hang your tile, cut a piece ribbon, fold it into a loop and secure with packaging tape. you may also want to use the tape to secure the ends of the foil.

We had to send some of our handprint tiles through the mail but the kids were able to personally deliver Maca's. 

Here's a closer look at some of the finished tiles

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