New York!

Jeremy and I just recently returned from a long weekend trip to NYC. We went for a wedding - it was stunning! And then stayed for a few extra days to celebrate our own anniversary - 8 years! 

It was my first time visiting the city and I was very much impressed. One of the memories we'll probably hold most dear is walking through Central Park in the rain - twice, it rained a lot on our trip. We did visit on a sunny day too so I can attest to the fact that it's beautiful all the time, but there was something magical about being in a massive city and strolling through an empty-quiet-green paradise. If you are ever in NYC on a rainy day, head to Central Park - it's like being in your very own fairy tale. 

scenes from a deserted central park 

We also visited two of the city's museums, the Met and MOMA. I personally preferred the Met. While busy, it didn't feel over crowded like MOMA (we went on Monday too). I also think I may just not be creative enough to "get" some modern art. That said, van Gogh's Starry Night and the Monet collection were more than worth the cost of admission. I've seen countless prints of both artists' work but they don't even come close to capturing the beauty of the real things. 

some favorites from the met: one of jeremy's favorite artist: piranesi, more monet's, voldermort ?, oliva's favorite and least favorite paintings. 

In addition to Central Park we also really enjoyed spending part of an evening in Washington Park. It had great views, a fountain for wading/spinning, and lots of fun city life (chess games, running clubs, live orchestras, bubbles, cute families, etc.) While walking around NYC we were surprised by the number of great parks/playgrounds we saw; we wish would have had more time to sit and enjoy them. 

We also wish we would have more time to enjoy all the amazing food the city has to offer. 

a few stand outs: duemilk and roses, & macaroon cafe

It's hard to choose, but my favorite food stop on the trip was probably Sweet Revenge. It's a bakery that pairs wine/beer with it's cupcakes. The cupcakes were amazing (decadent but not overly heavy or sugary) and wine/beer they suggested really did pair perfect pairing. 

We budgeted most of our funds for museum tickets and food so we spent the rest of the trip exploring neighborhoods and trying to score some free tickets - Shakespeare in The Park got rained out and we were the 1st in the stand-by line for David Letterman, to not get in! Neither of these put a damper on our trip though - it's hard not to have fun when you are with your love...and your children are safe and happy elsewhere - thanks Maca!  

view from williamburgs bridge - williamburgs is a great "hipster" neighborhood to spend a morning window shopping

williamburgs bridge

in front of rockefeller center

waiting stand-by for david letterman

when we didn't get in to letterman we headed to 5th avenue for some dream shopping (me - tiffany & co, him - apple)

we didn't get anything for ourselves but we did stop by fao schwartz and
picked up a few treasures for the kids - we also had fun taking some silly
photos for them

The last night of our trip we headed to the East Village to check out Strand Book Store. I'm glad we waited - the place is so amazing we both would of been tempted to spend a few days there.  If you are a book lover, this is paradise! 

And because it's the main reason we made the trip, here are a few pictures from our friends' Ryan and Heidi's wedding. It's was a beautiful ceremony and reception. These are two people who are amazing on their own but somehow together they make each other even better. We are so grateful that we got to share in their day and can't wait to see the amazing things the Lord has in store for them. 

the stunning bride and her groom

jeremy, ryan, and simon

a perfect climbing tree should never be ignored -
even if you are dressed for wedding

p.s. Ryan and Heidi have an amazing photography business. If you want to be swept away by some truly beautiful photos check out their website here


  1. My sister and I are going to NYC in the fall along with a couple of our girlfriends so I loved seeing this post. It's making me excited for our trip :) Looks like you had a great time!


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