Steps to Remind

I spotted numbered steps on Pinterest awhile ago and quickly put the idea on my summer to do list. I figured it'd be a pretty easy and inexpensive project to complete since I could buy house numbers at our local hardware store for just a few dollars. But then Jeremy's work got a new laser cutter, which made me think a bit bigger - words!

Jeremy and I tossed back and forth a few ideas and then one morning I read over Galatians 5:22-23 and decided the fruits of the Spirit were perfect. Not only would it add the whimsy I was hoping for but it would be a daily reminder of the way in which the Spirit of God wants us to live our lives.

Jeremy used the laser cutter to cut the words out of chip board and then I used a couple different cans of spray paint (black, bronze, & gold) to achieve the antiqued gold finish we wanted.

Since the chip board is fairly light weight we were able to us 3M strips to hold them in place. They've been up for about a week now with no problems - we were afraid little hands would try to tear them off.

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