Web Wanderings

A few worthwhile things I've stumbled upon on the internets.

  • I wasted a bit too much time this week watching these Kids React videos on YouTube. Some are heartwarming/thought-provoking and some are just simply hilarious. 
  • What exactly modesty and purity should mean to followers of Christ is a question I've pondered for some time. While I believe both are important I think mainstream Evangelical culture has gotten a lot of things wrong. These two blog posts, How "Modesty" Teachings Hurt Men Too and I am Not a Sex Fueled Robot put into words, a lot more eloquently than I ever could, many of my concerns.
  • This blog of a young man's thoughts and reactions while reading the Harry Potter series for the first time kept both Jeremy and I entertained during a two hour midnight commute this weekend

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  1. I love Muggle Hustle! THat is hilarious! Good find!


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