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Our summer has turned out to be a very busy one. It has been all happy things but it's left little time for blogging or the internet in general. I was starting to feel a little anxious about not being able to keep any kind of blogging schedule so I took a self imposed sabbatical for a couple weeks.  The internet is loads of fun but the most important things in life are those that I can hold in my hands. 

The last couple of weeks have been filled with lots of family time.  Jeremy's Aunt Nonie and his Great Aunt Linda came to visit for a couple days. It was great to visit with them and share some of our favorite Chicagoland things. Sadly, I failed to get any good pictures of them...I guess they'll just have to come back for another visit soon. My sister Sarah and her family also came for a visit but I'll save details of that trip for another post. 

When not enjoying our extended family, we've spent lots of quality time together: bike rides/walks, tending our garden, swimming, and lots of visits to parks. 

this kid never fails to make us laugh

seriously, where did he learn this? 

lake michigan

aunt linda treated us to gelato 

papa taught the boys a bit about fires and roasting marshmallows

I've posted about our love for our local zoo a couple times. I was extremely grateful that it worked out for the kids and I to squeeze in one more visit before our yearly passes expired.

my future zoologist 

little lady got tried of being a vet and decided she was a doggy instead

a good vet listens to his patients 

Visiting the zoo's butterfly garden was a perfect extra treat since we are still exploring the world of arthropods.

human hands strip butterflies of their scales so we were asked not touch
them. i was so proud of the kids for resisting despite all the temptation. and
very thankful that their obedience was rewarded when the got to pet a
deceased butterfly on the way out. 

our very own butterfly

The most exciting thing that has happened in the last couple weeks is helping Jeremy's sister Emily with wedding preparations. Jeremy and I are creating the invitations and Little Lady and I were lucky enough to help Em find the dress. 

neither of these are the dresses they'll be wearing for the wedding :)

little lady was a trooper during the whole shopping excursion. no major fits but there were a couple sleepy moments
on the floor. 

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