Little Cousins

This past weekend we traveled to Indiana to to meet the newest addition to our family - Baby Flint. I know I've said it before but when I married Jeremy I not only snagged a great husband but I got three amazing new sisters. *Since I already had three extraordinary sisters, I'm very spoiled. It was great to catch up in person with one of them and spend time with her two precious babes. All of my children delight in their role as "big" cousins. My heart swells to the point of almost bursting watching their sweet, simple outpourings of love. 

maca made sure all the cousins had skeleton pajamas

Big Buddy is a great older brother but it's his cousins who truly bring out his lovely-dovey side.

The tininess of Flint had Mini Man fascinated. 

Little Lady was just happy to practice her mommy skills on a real baby. 

I'm pretty sure Jeremy and I are done having babies but watching him with Flint.....oh my! 

Flint was new, but everyone was equally excited to see "baby" Wren. Little Lady eats up the girl time. 

Little Lady was kind (surprisingly) enough to share her princess baby. Wren, however, loved on it so much we couldn't resist the urge to buy her one of her own - the kids had a little fight over who got to give it to her. 

Wren's tire swing it a favorite for both the girls and boys. The boys, however, enjoy it in a slightly different manner. 

Before we left we also introduced Wren to Oreos. It's great getting to be the one who spoils and not having worry about any of the annoying parenting stuff. 


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