Paper Tube and Tissue Paper Autumn Trees

This past week we to welcomed Autumn by reading a few or our favorite fall themed books* and by making our own autumn trees. 

Our Supplies: paper towel tube, scissors, brown marker, glue, green, red, orange, and brown tissue squares

Step 1: Cut strips 1/2 to 2/3 down your paper towel tube. These will become your branches. You can also cut the tops of the strips in to smaller sections to create more (smaller) branches

Step 2: Separate and twist your "branches" to form a tree shape

Step 3: Use the brown marker to draw bark on your tree trunk and branches.

Step 4: Apply small glue dots to a branch.

if the glue comes out in lines that's ok too :) 
Step 5: Crumble tissue paper and place it over glue

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 & 5 until you are satisfied with the amount of foliage on your tree.

That's it, you now have darling miniature trees packed full of autumn leaves!

*Here are the autumn themed books we've been enjoying
  • Fall Mixed Up - a delightful book filled with silly mixed up verses and pictures that will have you and your children giggling. 
  • We're Going on A Leaf Hunt - a play off the popular song "We Are Going on A Bear Hunt" this book is perfect for reading/singing out loud. It's also offers a simple introduction to various types of trees. 
  • The Little Yellow Leaf - beautiful illustrations accompany this tale of a little leaf that is not quite ready to let go. 

If you a looking for more child friendly crafts or educational activities (autumn themed or otherwise) there are several on our homeschool page. 

p.s. lots more great kid friendly ideas can also always be found at these link parties: Link and LearnMade by Little HandsMontessori MondayHip Homeschool HopPreschool CornerFor the Kids Fridays, and Show and Share Saturday.


  1. How cute is this?! I love that your kiddos got to jump in and help you with this project - that makes it so much more fun!

  2. This is adorable! I'm gonna do this with my kids soon. Found you from Montessori Monday!


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