Autumn Tree Collages

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that one of my children's favorite things to do is create collages. Most of the time it's very open-ended. They always have access to cardboard scraps, glue, and a box full of junk treasures. Sometimes, however, I like to give them specific tasks. A couple weeks ago I had them make Autumn tree collages. 

Our Supplies: cardboard, brown/black pipe cleaners, leaf colored felt squares, cotton balls, green rice (this was left over from a sensory bin), white glue, & blue crayons. *optional: hot glue

Step 1: use blue crayon to color a sky at the top of your cardboard.

Step 2: if desired glue cotton balls (for clouds) onto your sky.

Step 3: spread glue onto the bottom of your cardboard and cover with green rice. 

Step 4: twist and bend pipe cleaners into a tree shape. We folded and then twisted 2-3 pipe cleaners together for the trunk and then separated the ends to create branches. 

we mixed in some black and tan pipe cleaners because we only had a couple brown ones

Step 5: Use glue to draw the approximate shape of your pipe cleaner tree on to the cardboard. Then press pipe cleaner tree over it. *If you use white glue for this step you have to hold the pipe cleaner tree in place for quite awhile. All but one of the kids got frustrated with this so I pulled out the hot glue gun - instant results. 

Step 6: cover branches with glue and then place felt pieces on top. You can also glue a few "leaves in the air" or on your grass. 

Step 7: let dry completely, then display. 

a closer look. I love that big buddy added a ninja to his. 

If you are looking for some great Autumn tree/leaves themed books to accompany this craft I highly recommend these two. 
  • Autumn Leaves by Ken Robbins. This nonfiction book contains beautiful life size photos of almost a dozen trees leaves. The pictures are also accompanied by a few simple facts about the trees and their leaves. 
  • Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Juila Rawlinson. This is a sweet story of a young fox who becomes very worried about his favorite tree when the leaves start to turn brown and fall off. It is a great introduction to the wonder of the seasons. The accompany watercolor illustrations are also beautiful. 

Lots more great kid friendly ideas can also be found at these link parties: Link and LearnMade by Little HandsMontessori MondayHip Homeschool HopPreschool CornerFor the Kids Fridays, and Show and Share Saturday. 


  1. Your collages turned out great!

  2. I found your post on I Can Teach My Child. I love your autumn tree collages, and I think my kids would too :) I've pinned it to my Autumn Fun board. Thank you for sharing!

  3. So very pretty! Love all the materials you used-- great sensory interaction!


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