Headed to a Wedding

This weekend is a wedding weekend and to say we are ecstatic is an understatement. Jeremy's youngest sister Emily is the bride and we both agree that she is all sorts of amazing.

Thankfully, the groom Dan is pretty great himself - they are a good match!

We all get to play roles in the wedding ceremony. Jeremy will be singings a few songs. I am a bridesmaid. The boys are ring-bearers and Little Lady is a one of the flower girls. 

We've also helped a bit with some of the pre-wedding prep and one task that was especially fun for Jeremy and I was making the invitations. We made the invitations and programs for our own wedding and when we were dating/newlyweds we made a few for some of friends'.  It had been several years though so it felt like old times getting to be creative in this way with each other again.

what's pulled out of the envelope

after the "information" card is pulled out from the


perforated so the guest can easily mail the RSVP back and hang the reminder card on their fridge or bulletin board

 I feel like I should mention that my role in making invitations is just throwing out ideas, ("hey do you think we could") it's Jeremy who has the design/computer skills to actually make a product. 


  1. I absolutely love the invitations! They remind me of an old library card that you pull out of an actual card catalog :)

    1. Thanks Francine! They were SO much fun to make!


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