A Haircut

Sunday after church while Jeremy was busy making lunch and I was distracted texting my littlest sister (choosing a college is very dramatic) Little Lady got a bit adventurous with the scissors. She decided it was time to move beyond clipping catalogs and trim her own bangs.

We tried to be firm in our correction...to emphasis that she was never ever to cut anyones hair again. She was so pleased with herself though that it was hard not to smile. 

I'm a bit sad that her hair is now a little wonky but she is as proud as punch. I've caught her admiring her handwork in the mirror several times and if you ask her what happened she will smile and tell you "I cut bangs!". 

She pulls it off I guess - still crazy adorable ;) 


  1. She looks adorable regardless of her wonky hair cut. Most kids have a story or two about chopping of their hair.

    1. Thanks Rosely, I totally agree! ;) I figured kids cutting their own hair is kind of a right of passage. It was bound to happen sooner or later.


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