Stuffed Paper Bag Turkeys

We haven't been able to focus on Thanksgiving these past couple weeks as much as I would of liked but we have done a few activities and read a couple great books. For the most part I've focused on reading appealing historical literature such as: Squanto's Journey, The Thanksgiving Story, Three Young Pilgrims, and Across the Wide Dark Sea. We have, however, also enjoyed a few humorous favorites like A Plump and Perky Turkey. It's a story about a group of townspeople who try to trick/capture a turkey by holding a turkey themed art and craft fair - in the end it's the turkey who tricks them. After one reading of the book the kids and I decided to craft our own turkeys.

Our Supplies: paper lunch bags, old newspaper, pipe cleaners, white glue, feathers, scissors, paint chips, orange and red paper, and goggly eyes

Step 1: stuff paper bag with newspaper 

Step 2: twist top of bag to form a neck, fold and glue down tip, & then twist a pipe cleaner around the bottom of the neck.

Step 3: use glue to apply feathers to the back/bottom of the bag. *on one turkey we used paint chips in place of feathers you could also cut feathers out of construction paper. 

Step 4: cut beak and snood out of red/orange paper

Step 5: glue goggly eyes, beak, & snood to folded top of bag

Once all the glue is dry the turkeys are ready for display. You may have to adjust the newspaper stuffing a bit but they should standup on their own. 

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  1. These are adorable! They'd make a great addition to the kids' table at Thanksgiving.


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