A Party and Our Chritmas Decorations

A couple weeks ago we hosted a Christmas party for our other friends with little kiddos. We want a party were they too could come and have a good time. We kept things pretty simple. I made some Italian beef and put out some chips, we also made a few goodies. All the party guest also brought either an appetizer or dessert. 

To keep the kids busy I had set out set some ice cream cones for them to decorate as Christmas trees. They also kept themselves pretty busy in our playroom with our fuse-ball and the legos. It was nice because if gave the adults plenty of time to talk. 

When I showed you our tree for this year I also said I'd show you some of the other decorations we put up this year. We were able to get everything up for the party; here's how it looked. 

these stockings used to be the kids but they've out grown them. 

one of may favorite ways to decorate for the holidays is to bring out old photos...big
buddy age 4 months. 

We have a tradition every year where I give the kids a nutcracker or snow-globe for them when we decorate our tree. We do have an advent calendar but it's doesn't come with any prizes so these are my advent treats. I usually pick them up post Christmas sales the year before. It's been great for them to have something that they can play with and something to look forward to getting out every year. 


  1. Very Cute! Love that your food backdrop was your kids painting. Will be stealing that idea :)

  2. I love that metal dessert stand. Where did you get it?


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