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We have always stuck to three gifts for your kids. Mostly, because they are very well loved and are already getting lots of other stuff from other people. In the past we've always done something to wear, something to read, and something they want. This year, we however, are doing this plan on the gifts the Three Wise Men brought the Lord.  The thing is though I love giving gifts! This is defiantly my love language and so one way that I have cheated is by filling there stockings full of good stuff too. The only problems is that I don't want lots of little extras/junk floating around. So here are a few stocking stuffers that are practical and fun but that hopefully won't leave your house full of unnecessary mess. 

  1. Character Band-aids $3 - we usually only by regular band-aids so theses are always a hit. 
  2. Binoculars $7 - we brought my sons a pair of binoculars a couple years backs and they love them. They are constantly looking at squirrels and birds outside the window or sometimes just pretending to be pirates or whatever. 
  3. Chapstick 4/$10 - in the winter all our kids get dry lips so this is a must. 
  4. Safari Toobs $9 - we use these a lot for schooling when discussing different animals or history. If you have child who is in to a certain thing these are differently worth checking out. 
  5. (The link is to an Amazon link but you can also find them at Michaels or Joanns, if you use the 40% off coupon it is around $5)
  6. Doll Shoes $6 - if you have daughter who is in to 18" dolls: glasses, purses, or even an outfit would work well. (The link to an Amazon link but you can also find them a Michaels or Joanns, if you use the 40% off coupon it around $2 for shoes)
  7. LED Finger Lights 40/$7 - we had a friend who had these last year and the kids raved about them. Unfortunately it was a much better bargain to buy 40 than just a few. I plan on using the extras for a birthday gifts. 
  8. Hat & Gloves $6 - these seem to be one thing we are always in the need so they make it in to every stocking. 
  9. Character Toothbrush $4 - my kids still think new toothbrush are still the bests. 
  10. Imaginext Blind Bag $3 - I've mentioned before that my kids love Imaginext so they'll be excited to get these blind bags. If your kids are in to Legos you can also get a blind bag item from Lego. I found mine at Target for under $3. 
  11. Lego Separator $6 - it will be good not to have to use teeth anymore :) 
  12. Stained Glass Coloring Book $1.50 - these coloring books are fairly small (great for a car ride) and come with some great pictures.
  13. Thank-You Cards - for writing all your thank-you notes. 
  14. Thermos Funtainer $15 - in our house we don't really do a lot character plates but all the kids do have these thermos. They can hold hot or cold and come with a little ring so they can carry them on their own. These are what our children normal drink water out of so they can take them anywhere in the house. They also come in solid colors.
  15. Window Crayons $4 - our kids got these from there Grandma a couple years ago and they love them. There is something special about drawing on the windows. It almost always works for a good 15-minute activity. Luckily, they all come off pretty ease too. 
  16. Flashlight $5 - We gave these hand-powered flashlights to the kids last year and they are still going strong. I also keep a couple in our present box for last minute birthday gifts, we give that along with a gift card to ice cream.

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  1. Good ideas, thanks! We also love the Dover stained glass coloring books :)


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