Our Christmas Tree Farm

A couple years ago we made an Apple Orchard Farm and so this year we decided to make a little Christmas Tree Farm. 

Our Supplies: green paint, brown paint, brown paper packages, glue, sequins, and stars. 

Step 1: paint each child's hands green. 

Step 2: press hands on to the paper. Start with hands speared out and then turned together to make a triangle.

Step 3: wash child's hand and paint the next ones. 

Step 4: after all the children have finished painting add a trunk to the bottom of the trees. 

Step 5: once all the paint it dry use glue and sequins/stars to add decorations. 

And that's it now you have a tree farm ready to be displayed. 

If you are looking for Christmas tree books to go along with this activity I suggest these: Night Tree,  The Trees of The Dancing Goats, The Legend of the Christmas Tree, & The Apple Tree Christmas

Lots more great kid friendly ideas can also be found at these link parties: Link and LearnWeekly Kid Co-opMontessori MondayHip Homeschool HopPreschool CornerFor the Kids Fridays, and Show and Share Saturday. 

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