Two Christmases Down

I've mentioned before that we always have three Christmas. Getting together for Christmas is pretty important to both our families and since Jeremy has Winter break we make the most of it. This year our first stop was to Iowa to see my family. We stayed with my little sister Sarah and her family. They were great hosts. One of the kids' favorite activities was a Rice Crispy train she made for them to decorate. 

My niece Isabell decided she liked me this time - she's a sweet girl. 

Ready to open gifts. 

One of the presents we got my brother Adrian was some streamers. It was fun watching him dance around with them. 

In addition to seeing my family we were also able to visit a few old friends. We also made it a point to stop at Taco John's - one of things I miss most about Iowa. 

we don't drink a ton of soda but when we do, he takes full advantage

Then it was time for our Christmas at home. This year we able to join our church in going to a assisted living home to sing and give gifts to the residents. I was really proud for my kids who were not only well behaved but ready to make friends. Before we went we put on our Christmas finery. 

you can see a "better" picture here

After visiting the nursery home we did our annual Christmas lights hunt. All the children were swayed by a light up Rudolph this year.

Then it was time go home and put on our Christmas pajamas. Every Christmas Eve the kids all sleep together...this year they were up by 5! 

We head to Indianapolis in a few days to see Jeremy's family but until then we are enjoying our presents and some family time. 

Lego Castle Gatehouse

Hape doll house


Nostalgia Cotton Candy Maker

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