Web Wanderings

A few worthwhile things I've stumbled upon while wandering the internet....

  • 24 skills you can learn for free online. I'd want to learn how to code, read faster, and take better pictures. 
  • Looking for a documentary; this site as over 300 all listed by subject. 
  • Jeremy and I always debate over how much to pay a babysitter. This article offers some great reasons why the "overpaying" of young babysitters may not be the wisest decision. 
  • This Dad's essay on how he raised his twelve children was interesting. A bit egotistical at times, but thought provoking nonetheless. 
  • Saving up for these shoes for spring. Since they are only $37, hopefully, I'll get there soon. 
And my favorite Instagram of last week. Follow me here

it's exhausting being a princess. 

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