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Before I had kids I had never been able to curl my hair. In high school I tried lots of devices and products and could never get a curl/wave to stay more than an hour.  One of the results of pregnancy for me, though, is that my hair is now a bit thicker and actually has some texture. I just started adding some waves a couple months back and like how it looks. I'm, however, out of practice and rarely have a lot time alone in the bathroom (kids!) so I don't get to do it as often as I'd like and am still mastering the technique. 

cowl: gift/diy (similar $55), shirt: old, belt: thrift, skirt: thrift (similar $110),
shoes: dsw (similar $37)

This dress is an old one for Anthropologie. My mother-in-law took the hem down a bit for me a couple years back. However, it still feels a little too short to wear with out tights - kids make short hemlines more complicated. With some thick sweater tights, though, it feels presentable - you at least won't be able see anything if I happen to bend over in too much of a hurry. 

cardigan: vintage/thrift (similar $50 or $60), dress: anthrpologie,  necklace: f21 (similar $13)
earrings: charming charlies, tights: target (similar $12), shoes: gift (same)

It's gotten really cold here again. When I'm not layering tights, I prefer cords; they are so much warmer than jeans!

cardigan: vs (similar $48) shirt: old navy (similar $25), pants: h&m (similar $93 or $40),
boots: old navy (same)

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  1. Loving the gorgeous jewel tones you've been rockin'!

  2. you're adorable
    I love the braid in your hair and the color of your skirt. and pretty much everything in the other pictures.


  3. Love that first look with the blues and green. Looks fantastic!!! Stopping by from WIWW :)

    - Emily @ alittlebitofem.com

  4. That is so crazy that your hair got thicker and wavier after you had kids. I haven't had kids, but I hope that happens to me too :)

    I love that pretty anthro dress!

    1. I know a lot of women report thicker hair while pregnant but for some reason my just didn't seem to fall out - which is good because it was pretty thin before :) Keeping my fingers crossed that the same thing happens to you too.

  5. i love your choice of prints! great outfits! :)

    Found your post via Favorite Fashion Friday link up... hope you stop by and let me know your thoughts on my outfit. :)

    Rhea, Et Cetera - trench coat & coral


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