What My Kids Have Been Wearing

shirt: thrift (similar $10), sweater: gap (same),  jeans: thrift (similar $24),
shoes: target (same)

Big Buddy is pretty in to Legos right now and so he got a few sets for Christmas. We were all pretty amazed that he didn't need any help put them together. We were also really shocked that he was able to do it so fast. It fun to watch him accomplish new things but it also leaves me wondering: "when did he get so big?!"

dress: gift/target (similar $25), cardigan: gift/target (similar $40),
leggings: old navy (same), leopard flats: hand-me-down (similar $25)

Yesterday, while we at friends house for New's Year's, Little Lady came down with a stomach virus. It always so hard to see your kids sick and this the first time we've had to deal with throwing-up with her. She handled it really well - she's a trooper. I loved what she decided to call it too: "spitting my throat". Thankful,  it looks like it was just a 24 hour bug and nobody else is showing symptoms. 

cardigan: hand-me-down (similar $15), shirt: thrift (similar $34), pants: gap (same)
shoes: hand-me-down (similar $32)

Mini Man is such a charmer and says these things that makes us all feel like our hearts could burst. During our last Christmas celebration when Maca (grandma) gave all the kids a stocking, Mini Man looks up at her and says "you know just how to make this the best Christmas ever" 

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