What My Kids Have Been Wearing

sweater: hand-me-down (similar $13, or similar $74), leggings: old navy (same $8),
skirt: old navy (similar $27 or similar $23) shoes: thrift (similar $12)

I was really surprised she chose to put on this skirt Sunday morning. The evening before, when I laid it out, she brought to me and said: "I don't like this...and it doesn't fit anyways!" It always surprises me how opinionated she can be about her clothes. 

cardigan: gift/gap (same), shirt: old navy (similar $10), jeans: (same),
batman shoes: gift (similar $36)

In school we are learning about Gilgamesh. Big Buddies eyes, as I read to him about his battles are amazing - so big and focused. History is one of his favorite subjects; today we had a little bit of a tiff when I told him he'd have to wait till tomorrow for the last part of Gilgamesh trilogy. Currenlty, I can hear him and Mini Man acting out the story in our playroom right now. 

sweater: hand-me-down (similar $10), shirt: hand-me-down (similar $12),
 pants: gap (same),  shark shoes: hand-me-down (similar $29)

Mini Man insisted that if we were going to take pictures of him, we also had to take some "feeling'' pictures. I have no idea were this kid gets his flare for the dramatic or his extroverted tendency but they bring me great joy. 

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