What My Kids Have Been Wearing

sweater: hand-me-down (similar $19), shirt: gift/old navy (same), pants: gap (same),
shoes: hand-me-down (similar $32)

Mini Man has kind of strayed from Spider-man, despite the shirt, and now insist he is a ninja - hence the move above. 

shirt: old navy (same), pants: gap (same), shoes: hand-me-down (similar $25)

The face below is priceless - so Little Ladyish! She can go from a happy mood, to a sad mood, to a happy mood again quicker than anyone I know. 

cardigan: gift/gap (same), shirt: gift/oldnavy (same), pants: gap (same),
batman shoes: gift (similar $36)

One or two nights a week we've been letting Big Buddy stay up and listen to the first Harry Potter book with us. He's always loved a good tale and usually wears his feelings on his face, so it's been exciting watching Harry Potter come alive for him. A couple a days ago when we had finished he looked at Jeremy and said "if this was real I know I'd be a wizard, I just know it!" 

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