What My Kids Have Been Wearing: Valentine's Day

I've been having a lot of fun the last couple weeks decking my children out in Valentine's decor. Luckily, the all like red and have been willing participants. 

shirt: hand-me-down (similar $9), pants: gift (similar $29)

Jeremy took the boys to a monster truck rally this past weekend. Mini Man saw the snow cones and asked for one. Jeremy told him, "we are not getting any treats today." Mini Man quickly asked, "why?" So Jeremy me explained that "it's not a good idea, it's like they are robbing you!' Without skipping a beat Mini Man quickly replied, "I want to get robbed!" This kids love for sweets may get him in trouble someday. 

shirt: hand-me-down (similar $9), sweater vest: (similar $39), pants: gap (same),
shark shoes: hand-me-down (similar $29)

shirt: target (same), jeans: old navy (same)

One of my favorite things about being a parent is listening to they way our kids describe everyday things. They always hit the nail on the head but in a way that usually quite comical. The other day Big Buddy got out bed to ask for chapstick: "I need some chapstick, my lips are all rusty."

shirt: target (same), sweater vest: thrift (similar $11), pants: gap (same)

shirt: gift (similar $7), skirt: gift (same), legging: old navy (same),
shoes: gap (sold out/similar $25)

Little Lady has been on cloud nine lately; she got a plethora of new clothes, shoes, and accessories for her birthday. She's anxious to wear everything and has a lot trouble making up her mind - we are back to multiple clothing changes a day! Out of all her things, though, these red and purple shoes are definitely a favorite. 

sweater: gift (same), skirt: gift (similar $50), legging: old navy (same),
shoes: gap (sold out/similar $25)

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