What My Kids Have Been Wearing

This sweet dress was a Valentine's gift from Maca; she made them over 30-years-ago for Jeremy's sisters. I love the smocking on the apron. Maca has given Little Lady a few of these hand-me-down dresses and that fact that she knows there were her aunts make them even more special. 

dress: hand-me-down/diy (similar $23 or similar $185), leggings: old navy (same),
leopard flats: thrifted

A fun little hairstyle I tried for Valentines day (idea found here); she's asked for the do several times since.

I think a lot of it has to do with cabin fever but these boys have decided that pushing Little Lady's buttons is all sorts of fun. Most of the time they are quite gentle with her, but the last week or so they have found lots of ways to make her scream. There favorites are tossing her babies and throwing stuffed animals down the laundry shoot. They will protect her and toughen her up. :) 

sweater: gift, shirt: gift (similar $28), pants: hand-me-down (similar $23),
shoes: thrift (similar $35)

sweater: gift, shirt: thrift (similar $21),  jeans: (same), batman shoes: gift (similar $36)

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