Ancient Egyptian Bracelets

In Big Buddy's history book, The Story of the World, we've spent a lot of time studying Ancient Egypt. One of the coloring pages from last week was of some Hyksos jewelry and the kids thought it be fun to make some of their own. Hyksos, are known for their work with bronze, but we made ours gold because those were the materials I had on hand. 

Our Supplies: paper roll tube, scissors, acrylic paint, brush, Sculpey clay, nail, and a hot glue gun. 

Step 1: have each child press their clay (i gave each child 1/4 of the Sculpey cube) in to an oval shape. Then have child use a nail to decorate their clay with hieroglyphics. I had each child try to make their initial in hieroglyph, the rest is just their own design. 

Step 2: bake clay pendants at 225° for 20 minutes or until clay is hard. 

Step 3: while clay is baking, cut vertically down the paper roll tube and then cut horizontally to make bracelets - we were able to make 4 bracelets out of one roll. 

Step 4: have children paint outer part of bracelet gold/bronze. 

Step 5: once the paint has dried and the pendent is cool use the hot glue to secure pendant to the middle of the paper tube bracelet. 

Now you are ready to display your craftsmanship! 

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  1. This looks like something my daughters will enjoy; thanks for sharing this idea.

  2. They turned out so nicely. Always a good idea to use materials to hand, rather than hang out for perfection and never get around to doing it. :-)
    You are obviously more of a sculpey expert than me. I remember when we made Egyptian seals out of fimo, they were a bit of a disaster on the baking front. I don't think I've had the fimo out since!

  3. What a great way to extend a history lesson! Thanks so much for sharing at After School.


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