Color Blending Coffee Filter Rainbows

Mini Man and Little Lady are constantly asking me what two colors blended together will make, so right before Saint Patrick's Day we decided to make some blended rainbows. 

Our Supplies: coffee filters, glue, scissors, cotton balls, q-tips, and red, yellow, & blue liquid water colors. You can make your own liquid watercolors out of some old markers or food coloring, water, and a tiny bit of vinegar works too.

Step #1: fold coffee filter in half, into a semi circle. 

Step #2: cut an arch from folded end of coffee filter. 

Step #3: use a q-tip to paint the top and bottom part of the rainbow red. 

Step #4: next paint yellow under the top red strip and then blue underneath the yellow. The colors should bleed a little bit to create your orange, green, and purple but if not add more color with q-tips and blend.

mini man and little lady got creative with their rainbow
Step #5: pull apart cotton balls to create a cloud shape and then glue them on the bottoms of your rainbow.

The kids really enjoyed this project and asked to make several of them. As you can see they didn't all
grasp the ROYGBIV concept, but they did have a lot of fun blending the colors together.

If you are interested in more Saint Patrick's Day ideas or weather related ideas please check homeschool page for more resources. 

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  1. These rainbows turned out so so cute!! Thanks for sharing your awesome idea :)

  2. It looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing with After School Link Up!

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  4. Thanks for stopping by Natalie & Cara!


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