Small Graces

A weekly reflection inspired in part by Bob Bennett's song "Small Graces".

These are the small graces, little moments when the miracles come...
Small graces leading me to the larger one...

We've had a busy last couple of weeks. Lots of playdates, a visit from some family, and a trip to a Bull's game, a Saint Patrick's Day Celebration, etc. Busy, but lots of fun! 

Jeremy's youngest sister, Emily, and her husband Dan just moved to Colorado. A couple weeks before they left, they came for a quick visit. It was great to see them before they moved another 11 hours away. Our kids were particular excited to see them, especially Little Lady, she's convinced that once she's big enough she's going to marry Aunt Emily :) 

Jeremy's Aunt treated us and his Dad to a Bulls game. It was the boys' first official sports game and they both had a blast. Before the game, we stopped a Chick-fil- a for dinner were I noticed Mini Man was wearing mismatched shoes - mommy fail! 

Mini Man loved the people and all the excitement. e is such an extrovert! The game didn't end until around ten and we thought for sure that'd he'd fall asleep during the hour car ride home, he however, we so energized that he was still bouncing off the walls when we tucked him into bed. 

A few simple tradtions have made Saint Patrick's Day one of our kid's favorite holidays. If you missed my post about this year's celebration you can read it here

The weather has still been really brutal but we have a had a couple fun "spring" days outside. The boys are complete fascinated with drainage grates and they are also still mesmerized by sticks. 

It's also brought me a crazy amount joy to look out our window and see their diggers parked by our tree. 

I've been amazed by my children's ability to keep themselves occupied. They are still pretty young but I've yet to hear them say they are "bored", it's so much watching them use their imagination. 

Mini Man adores cars and will spend hours racing them on one of his tracks or just around our wood floor. 

Legos have completely stolen Big Buddy's heart. He probably spends at least 1/3 of his waking hours playing with them. I'm constantly amazed at how easily and quickly he can follow the instructions, but  I find his own creations are even more delightful. 

Little Lady is either changing her clothes (her closet is always a mess!) or playing house. She's been fascinated with camping lately and will ask to set up this tent and then just sit in it and talk to her babies. 

The other day I walked in to a superhero camp ground Mini Man and Little Lady had built with our Magna Tiles.  

While the kids are pretty good about keeping themselves occupied this winter, I can go a bit stir crazy, and therefore, we've been frequent visitors of our local library and children's museum.  They both always seem to have something new to offer. 

Last time we were at the museum, the giant pin screen was a huge hit with the girls. They spent at least twenty minutes making shapes and then pushing all the pins back so they could do it again. 

Jeremy's been playing his guitar a lot more lately. It's fun to have some live music in our house and his voice still makes me swoon. 

and they way she looks at him! my heart could burst!
Speaking of my sweet husband he also brought me home a chocolate croissant the other day - flakey pastries and chocolate also makes me swoon.

A dress I ordered from eShakti came this past week, which has been wishing even harder for warmer weather.

Right now Little Lady and I are currently in Iowa. Meeting my newest niece, Norma, and giving my little sister Sarah some new mommy support. Hopefully, in the next Small Graces I'll have a lot more pictures of her to share. 

they are a reminder to the heart there is more to this life than meets they eye...

He is in the small graces, the little moments when the miracles come...

small graces pointing me to the larger one...
little glimpses of the kingdom come

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